Daisy's engine is fired-up at 10:00am on Monday 10th of May 2004. Everything is packed nicely, and the old lady and the crew head out of Athens on the way to Patras. Nothing can possibly go wrong, after all, Daisy has been to hybernation for 25 years only, and after coming back to life she has covered 300kms of testing in 3 weeks!

2000kms and 12 days later, Daisy's engine is fired-up at. Time to drive back to Athens, the old lady, the crew and the baby! It has been a fantastic time, Daisy spending 12 days with 10 brothers and sisters coming all the way from the UK. Climbing mountains, crossing the sea, driving on the hard shoulder as well (oh, yes, this is Greece!).

On the way back to Athens, still 250km to go. Lost cylinders 1 & 2, probably head gasket failure (a 30 year old - at least - head gasket). Daisy made it home, on four cylinders, no contamination or loss of oil or water. Engine rebuild coming my way!

Daisy and the Hughes 405DH under the olive trees.
Your Bulletin Editor preparing to face the mountains against a 402.
Clouds in Greece? Oh yes, rain as well sometimes! Who said 405DHs are rare in Greece?
Your Chairman trying some photographic synthesis of old and ancient.
Anybody got a map?
Plenty of side-space in Greek motorways!
Georgio's fish taverna in Sivota... Major refueling session.
Parking lot full of Bristols...
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