As found in May 2001.

Daisy has been found and acquired in May 2001. She enjoyed a highly original state, but she has not moved a single meter since the early eighties!

Saturday, 15th of September 2001

Loukia, my wife, pushes the start button, while I help with the throttle. The engine started after 20 years of silence... Daisy talks!

December 2001, Thales helps me in building a little home for Daisy.
January 2002, Athens sees the heaviest snowfall in several decades, Daisy hybernates under her cover..
In March 2002 she is eventually moved into her new home, together with her younger brother "Hermes", my Triumph Spitfire.
Some much needed moral boost is injected in Amsterdam, an unforgettable 3 hour encounter with Jaap Koopmans and his beautiful 403.
Taking a closer look at the headlights revealed that they are non standard rare Marshal items! I will have to be extra careful with their restoration... (the small Lucas indicator light is also non standard).
Taking a closer look at the bodywork, revealed some locations of Aluminum corrosion. The photo on the left is a close up of the panel between the bonnet and the windscreen, while the other photo shows the lower area immediately to the front of the right side rear wheel arch.
Loukia is a natural talent for cleaning operations! She started on a filthy looking fuel tank and ended up with a shining aluminum piece of automotive art! I still have to find out what horrors lurk inside though...
The inside of the boot needs some cleaning up, while below it the two side panels to the left and right of the spare wheel tray have to be replaced. Greece is a nice dry place, but 50 years can still have an effect on mild steel. Fortunately, the steel chassis and remaining mild steel panels are in far better shape, having only a thin layer of surface rust.

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