September 2008. Dismantling the rear half-axle bearing housings, to change the oil seals. It proved to be quite difficult, involving the construction of 2 special tools and great forces.

Stage 1: Removing the nut which secures the bearing housing assembly on the half shaft. Note that the left side housing has a left-handed thread nut!

A special tools was made, starting from a 1 7/8 inch socket (about 47.5mm), which was sliced in half with the angle grinder. It was then welded on a couple of dexion beams, as shown below:

After bending back the relevant tabwasher, the housing was mounted to the road wheel for maximum support and leverage, and the special tool together with an 800 gram hammer were used to release the nut. It was rather tight! Do not forget, left side housing, left hand thread!!!

Stage 2: Separating the housing from the half shaft. According to the maintenance manual this is a simple job, but as always, the inside ball bearing surface was rather tight to the axle. Some special leveraging and special language was involved, with eventual success.

Stage 3: Undoing the threaded oil seal housing from the bearing housing. Note, left side housing has left handed treads!

A special tools was made, starting from a 5mm thick x 100mm x 500mm steel beam. Using the angle grinder, a piece was cut-off at the shape shown in the photos below. The cut-off piece was then welded on top for reinforcement.

The bearing housing was secured on the workbench for maximum support / leverage, while the special tool was also secured on the workbench by a single long bolt through the middle. All this looks like an overkill, but believe me, I have tried simpler solutions first with no results (mounting the bearing housing on the vice, using the special tool without the reinforcement have all been tried out without success). The photos below show various aspects of the work involved.

Do not forget, left side housing, left hand thread! Do not forget to remove the securing wire lock as well!

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