The Fourth - May 1996


1 Maarten Ballintijn Annemarie van 't Veld Peugeot 405
2 & 3 Theodossis Papathanassiadis Sara Obeid Triumph Spitfire
Michael Koratzinos Caterham Super 7
4 Clara Gaspar Andre Obeid VW Golf III Cabriolet
5 Sven Ravndal Anke Jehle MGB
n.c. Fons Rademakers Lancia Delta Integrale


Once again, the rally event ran successfully. It has offered the participants several moments of enjoyment, laughter, and "extreme" competition. As always, the organisational issues have been tackled in a clockwork manner.

* Due to the highly competitive character of the rally, the results have not been confirmed yet. Fons, the president of the organisation committee, has been running a special algorithm in one of Cern's supercomputers, to decide the 2nd and 3rd place classification. We expect the solution to be available in a few years time!

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