The 9th Segny - Monte Carlo Rally
May 2001

S E G N Y - M O N T E - C A R L O   R A L L Y

the first of the MILLENIUM!

Ascension week-end:

23-27 May 2001

We will feature 10 cars max this year. Register quickly! Penalty for registration delay will be the rounded value of

100**(I-19) points where I is the rank with wich you registered! (I=1 if you are first I=18 if you are last in and if I=19.... you are first out). So, answer quick quick to Meg Gawler stating name of pilot (or if you need a pilot) name of copilot (or if you need a copilot) and e-mail or telephone!

feel free to check this mailing list and, (once you sent your "yes") send this announcement to other friends with roaring or cute monsters.

more news later

For those who would not know:

pilots and copilots meeting Wednesday 23 May 20h00 at the presidents House (Segny)

Departure 8:00 sharp on Thursday 24 May from place to be announced.

Expect to return round mid-night on sunday 27-monday 28.

Pack some essentials.

Have been useful in previous years:

bathing suit, pair of hiking/walking shoes, old tennis shoes, nice costume, sexy undies, compass, hard hat, etc...

Lodging for 10 teams has been reserved by organisers.

Alain and Meg

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