The Segny - Monte Carlo Rally: Introduction

Attending the Monaco Grand-Prix A group of friends has been attending the Monaco Grand-Prix events since 1986. They always started driving from Geneva (a swiss town 10km away from Segny) for the long weekend, and they were always coming back full of car stories, mostly of the "losing the way" type or "breakdown" nature.
By 1992, most people could afford more reliable cars, the drive to Monte Carlo became boring, everybody knew the route by now, and no more breakdowns... The problem was solved by introducing the "Segny - Monte Carlo Rally!". Breakdown repairs

Attending school...

The "Segny - Monte Carlo Rally" is an annual event. For those of you that do not know where Monte Carlo is, it is a small provincial town in the south of France, next to the Italian border. Monte Carlo is also the arrival point of the lesser known but keenly organised "Monte Carlo Rally", as well as holding the annual "Grand Prix de Monaco", organised the sunday after the "Segny-Monte Carlo Rally", by another motoring club, the FIA.

The "Segny - Monte Carlo Rally" is a highly competitive event. The rally participants have enganged into serious training before every participation. The acquired knowledge has been put into good use in the narrow, twisty roads of the french and italian alps!

Avoiding the sheep!

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