Curriculum Vitae

First Name: Theodosios
Last Name: Papathanasiadis
Date of Birth: 13 August 1965
Nationality: Greek, Dutch

  1. Work Experience
  2. Education
  3. Languages
  4. Computer Knowledge
  5. Publications

Work Experience:

- Freelance Consultant, Jul.2000 - ...

  • Specialising in Information Technology support of Small and Medium sized Enterprises.

- Consultant, Anaglyph Ltd, London, U.K., Jan.2000 - Jul.2000

  • Consultant in Software Design and Development. Responsible for the upgrade and further development of CoDA software, a specialised composite material strength analysis tool. Work based on current Windows and Visual C++ software development tools.

- Consultant, Hellenic Shipyards Co., Skaramangas, Greece, Mar.98 - Dec.99

  • Investment Programme Project Engineer; responsible for the technical part of the procurement process (specification, quotation evaluation, contract terms negotiation, implementation follow-up) of 180 modernisation activities (total budget of 15.6 bil. drs.), ranging from information technology equipment to shipyard cranes, heavy workshop machinery, and civil works. Also involved in the planning (time and resource), cash-flow monitoring and administration of these activities.

- Duty Service, Hellenic Navy, Greece, Mar.97 - Mar.98

  • Navy Supply Centre (KEFN); technical translation work from Dutch to English of the spare parts database of the Dutch "Kortenaer" frigate family.
  • Mine Warfare Command (DNAR); procurement specification definition, document synthesis and translation for an underwater ROV system (remotely operated vehicle). Also involved in office automation system development for efficient document archiving.

- Consultant, Irdeto Consultants b.v., Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Jul.94 - Dec.94

  • Digital TV technology development (a sister company of Filmnet). Technical specification work of a hardware architecture for scrambling, based on the international MPEG-2 standard and the european DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) initiative, for front-end encoders and domestic decoders.

- Research Staff, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jul.89 - Jul.94, Dec.94 - Dec.96

  • Management of the VLSI (microcircuit) design infrastructure of the Faculty. It involved administration work for the VLSI projects (Dutch, European and U.S.A. cooperations), and software development for the interfacing and improvement of the various CAD tools in use. Most computer work done under the Unix operating system, in a network of Sun workstations.
  • Teaching the "Introduction to VLSI Design" course in the Mathematics and Computer Science faculty of the university, for final year students. The 40-hour course covered physical and design aspects of microcircuits.
  • Specified, designed, implemented and tested a 150,000 transistor full-custom chip for Irdeto Consultants. The chip scrambles MPEG-2 bitstreams, based on the DVB standard, at the rate of 64 Mbits/sec, having direct application to digital TV transmission.
  • PhD thesis work. Design and implementation of new image compression algorithms and hardware suitable for parallel processing and multi-media applications. Actual hardware has been implemented at the board level, using digital signal processing technology (cooperation with Storm Technology, U.S.A.), and the VLSI level, using both high level (hardware description language) and transistor level full custom CAD tools. (summary)

- Consultant, Storm Technology, Mountain View, California, U.S.A., May 90 - Dec.90

  • Design and implementation of the "PicturePress Hardware Accelerator" board, a 60MIPS (million instruction per second) multi-DSP board for the Apple Macintosh computer family. It accelerated image compression applications (JPEG, and lossless techniques) 10 to 30 times. The prototype was implemented in cooperation with University of Amsterdam.

- Consultant, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey, U.S.A., Jul.88 - Jun.89

  • Design and implementation of a prototype image processing board for the PC-AT computer family. It was used for experiments on image compression techniques, capable to achieve compression ratios up to 1:100 on high quality colour images, at a processing rate of 30 MIPS.
  • Design and implementation of an experimental VLSI chip, performing 2-dimensional F.I.R. filtering in bit-serial mode. To be used as a study for further image processing VLSI architecture development (cooperation with Princeton University).

- Trainee, Siemens AG, Neu Perlach, Muenchen, Germany, Summer 1986.

  • Participated in the "Siemens International Practical Programme" (SIPP). Worked in a development group, analysing the performance of ECL technology chips and systems.


Doctorate - October 1996


  • title: Image Compression Hardware (summary)

Masters in Science and Engineering (M.S.E.) - June 1989

- PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.

  • subject: Electrical Engineering
  • courses: Computer architectures, VLSI design, Communication & Control Theory, Neural Networks, Digital Circuit Reliability & Testing.
  • projects:
    • Software implementation in C of the D-algorithm for combinational digital circuit test-vector generation.
    • A full custom VLSI design of a bit-serial two dimensional F.I.R. filter for image processing. The chip was eventually implemented and tested in AT&T Bell Labs.
    • Feasibility study for a digital neural-network processor chip, using an enhanced digital signal processor architecture.
  • support: Princeton University full financial support, including tuition fees & living expenses.
  • duration: September 1987 - June 1989.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) - June 1987


  • subject: Electrical Engineering
  • grade: "First Class Honours"
  • project: Electrical Characteristics of Multilayered Printed Circuit Boards for Fast Digital Systems.
  • duration: October 1984 - June 1987.
  • awards: Imperial College Entrance Scholarship (1984)
    Institution of Electrical Engineers Undergraduate Scholarship (1985)
    Silvanus P. Thompson Prize (Awarded to top 2nd year student 1986)
    Siemens Prize (Awarded to top graduating student 1987)

High School Diploma - June 1984

- ATHENS COLLEGE, Psihiko, Athens, Greece

Greek "Apolitirion"
GCE A-level education in Physics, Mathematics (2 A-levels), Photography


  • Greek: fluent
  • English: fluent
  • Dutch: good reading and understanding, average speaking
  • German: average (good education basis, but not used since a few years)

Computer Knowledge:

  • Hardware of computers, networks and customised circuits.
  • Programming languages and development environment (Microsoft Visual Studio, C++, C, Pascal, Basic).
  • Microcircuit CAD tools.
  • Operating systems (Unix, Windows NT/2000/9x, MacOS).
  • Word-processing, spreadsheet, database, planning software (Microsoft Office, Project).
  • Web authoring (Microsoft Frontpage).

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